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Tall Flow Vase

Tall Flow Vase

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Transform your living space with the exquisite beauty of our Tall Flow Glass Vases. Meticulously hand-blown, these vases exude sophistication. Crafted from premium lead-free glass, they boast a robust and smooth finish, ensuring both durability and resistance against breakage.

Their simple yet elegant design seamlessly complements a wide array of flowers, plants, and everyday decor, effortlessly enhancing any room's ambiance.

Versatile in functionality, our Flow Vases cater to diverse floral arrangement needs, making them ideal for housewarmings or as a thoughtful gift for cherished friends, family, or anyone deserving of a delightful surprise.

Each vase measures 6.3x3.7 inches, with an external diameter of 2.8 inches and an internal diameter of 2 inches, offering ample space for creative arrangements.

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