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Rainbow Ceramic Jar Muraglia – 250ml

Rainbow Ceramic Jar Muraglia – 250ml

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A true style icon. The Apulian tradition of crafting decorated vases meets designer creativity in this unique and colorful collection by Frantoio Muraglia.

With over five generations of olive-oil producing history, the Muraglia family still follows the traditions and processes first established by Nonno Savino all those years ago in Andria, grinding the olives no longer than 24 hours after harvesting them before cold pressing them into batches of silky olive oil perfection.

Rainbow terracotta olive oil jar are entirely hand-made by artisans in Apulia, Italy, who deploy their skills in shaping the clay, kiln-firing and then painting the resulting vessels entirely by hand. Each one is unique.

The iconic ceramic jar preserves all the flavor and aroma of the best rated Muraglia's extra virgin olive oil, colors the table and warms up the kitchen.

Terracota Jar, Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 250ml.

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