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Espresso Cup Borboleta

Espresso Cup Borboleta

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Delicate pastel drawings and butterflies bring serenity and joy to your table. Made with fine porcelain painted in pastel shades, the Tânia Bulhões Borboleta collection feature delicate butterfly drawings colloring the cup handles.

In the enchanting Borboleta collection, Tânia invites you to step into her world and create memorable experiences with your friends and family. After all, as she says, real connections happens at home.

Unit: One Espresso Cup and Saucer

Material: Fine Porcelain & Gold

Capacity: 3.38oz

Colors available: blue, green, beige, rose, white, yellow

Care Guide: This product showcases intricate decoration with gold accents, a testament to skilled artisanal craftsmanship. We recommend handwashing to preserve the beauty and luster of its decoration.

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