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Bibelox Girl with a Heart - Patricia Maranhão

Bibelox Girl with a Heart - Patricia Maranhão

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Patricia Maranhão is a Brazilian designer who reproduces local architectural heritage and pop culture characters in reforested wood pieces.

The products are created by designers and crafted by artisans. They work with reforested pine wood, purchasing from reliable and renewable sources to ensure sustainability.

The team operate under fair and ideal working conditions. The differentiating factor lies in the craftsmanship and the quality they select and treat the woods pieces. Selected woods are cured for 40 days in a steam oven and left for an additional 60 days at room temperature to accommodate the fibers. They are then marked and embellished using the marquetry technique with acrylic and wood veneer for cutting and finishing. The final touch includes beeswax for a delicate feel and a nature scent. Nature serves as the greatest inspiration.

Partricia's work believe in creating and motivating a shared consciousness of care and protection for the planet, the home, and a proposal full of natural and cultural diversity.


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