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Natural Soul Butterfly

Natural Soul Butterfly

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Natural Agate Stone Butterfly

Golden Paint Finish and Metal Structure. 

Agate's vibrations bolster memory, foster enhanced focus, maximize mental capacity, and promote harmony within our own energy fields. This gemstone's transparency has the added benefit of energizing and cleansing the environment, as well as helping to balance emotional states. Natural Agate is considered to be the stone of Gemini and Pisces.


The Agate Stone is known for its healing power, acting on different chakras depending on its color. This Agate decorative butterfly not only beautifies your environment but also carries a load of special energies and deep meanings with it.

Agate is associated with protection, friendship, vitality, and justice. Placed on the spleen chakra, it stimulates creative expression and prevents accidents and the evil eye.

The spiritual meaning of butterflies is vast and diverse:

  • Representation of personal transformation;
  • Passage through the cycles of life;
  • Symbol of essence and soul;
  • Spiritual messenger;
  • Renewal and rebirth.
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